School Inseption Reports

QLS operates under leadership that promotes student and school effectiveness. This is exemplified in the following: Policies, board rules,promoting staff professionalism and student success and the strong focus on both supervision and evaluation to improve the quality of instruction and increase student achievement.

QLS leadership ensures a safe and orderly environment for students and staff by following safety protocols. Facilities and equipment are constantly monitored and inspected to ensure that the School is equipped to provide a safe up to date learning facility. School rules,regulations, and procedures are clearly written, available in handbooks and displayed on school walls The community allows for numerous parent involvement volunteers .Parents play an integral role in assisting in their children’s learning .Parent meetings and parents’ council s are held regularly to provide and receive up-dates on the students’ progress.

QLS is committed to providing an equal educational opportunity for students with special needs. The school believes that all students with special needs should have equitable access to learning opportunities thus it is the school policy to offer these students a fair chance to graduate with an international certificate and to help them pursue their path in life.

The curriculum mapping process promotes continuous improvement for the teaching and learning process. Through curriculum mapping the faculty determines student needs, engages in meaningful discussions about curriculum at subject and grade levels, determines and revises subject area and grade level expectations, determines resources to support a 21st century curriculum and increase the implementation of higher-order thinking activities.

Teachers at QLS not only make use of standardized test data, but they use both summative and Formative assessments to determine students’ specific needs. The majority of our classroom instructions are student-centered with high student engagement and a strong focus on the development of higher order thinking skills and problem solving. The current focus of our school on the effective implementation of the Common Core standards, the updating of the of new curriculum documents, common assessments, and Professional Learning Communities are being implemented across the school. Teachers are working together in collaborative teams, conducting Learning Walks and peer reviews to monitor all progress and to share the Best Practices.

QLS provides staff members with technology resources in classrooms; Smart Boards, classmates, and membership in educational interactive websites such as: WIZIQ .In addition the school successfully manages to provide distant learning to all its students during emergencies and crisis periods. Students are provided with recorded sessions where they can attend and use at any time.

The school purchases genuine software programs and is keen to provide strong access to internet resources which affects school’s day to day activities .School facilities such as : Language labs, computer labs, internet and school infrastructure are regularly updated are maintained .

Our positive learning environment and access to a variety of resources give our students the support to put themselves in the driver’s seat of

their education. Students participate in a variety of service learning projects, reports, and team activities that aid in career exploration and

reinforce a sense of belonging. The school has a student council, an awarding system for students, a variety of curricular and extracurricular

Activities to enhance the effective participation of the students

The school managed to surpass many obstacles successfully, beating many challenges in the past five years such as the H1N1 infection

crisis, the 25th January revolution in 2011and its uprising, as well as the 30th June revolution and its consequences .QLS managed to

maintain and complete the school year, even when the Ministry of Education officially gave orders to shutdown schools. Namely, QLS

successfully managed to abide by the rules by temporarily closing the school, and simultaneously proceeded with the learning process via

the activation of the virtual classes.

QLS has an established well organized policy in place for financial allocations and managing fiscal resources. This policy is documented

and enforced by the financial department.


QLS is committed to a continued sense of improvement. We have made great strides in past few years and continue our upward trend in all

areas of student life. We have dedicated ourselves to improve all areas of our school, academic, social, and physical

The school is engaged in continued professional development in teaching areas & technological advance as well as training and sessions on the effective use of data

QLS has temporarily frozen the technique of checking students’ progress using the map tests due to the past political and economic

circumstances in Egypt. However the school is planning to reactivate the map test.

The school needs to set a plan to hire a Career Planning Counselor in order to provide professional effective guidance and advice to its high school students.

QLS has an essential goal to help its students become proficient in reading, writing and math through strengthening their reading and writing skills, Maintaining a Supportive Atmosphere for Classroom, providing remedial classes and extra worksheets, increasing the number of professional learning community meetings and providing more professional development session specially on how to use student data in a more effective way.

Increase the number of Remedial classes and may be set an after school program he school tends in the future to extend the time of the already existing classes ,provide extra help through an after school program or during weekends in order to raise the academic level and provide extra help to those in need.