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EL-Quadah Language Schools "QLS Primary"

مدرسة ابتدائية

It's your kids who count: Take time right now to share great events, and activities with our primary school academic & athletic excellence.

EL-Quadah Language Schools

El-Quadah Language Schools "Qls Prep&sec

مدرسة إعدادية/متوسطة

Thanks God The initiative of "Do the Good" has been fulfilled. This action started in Shabaan, the atmosphere of achieving this action was amazing as…

El Quadah Language Schools prep. & Sec. Department Admission open for 2021 /2022 Address: 2.5,k Alex. Egypt desert road Call: 01222881455 تعلن مدارس القادة للغات…

QAS "El-Quadah American Division"

مدرسة إعدادية/متوسطة

This page is concerned with all the events and activities that are being held during the school year in El-Quadah Schools "American Division.


QAS "El-Quadah American Division"

5 days 11 hours ago

Happy eid #QAS #QLS #EidUlFitr

QAS "El-Quadah American Division"

5 days 14 hours ago

Happy eid #QAS #EidUlFitr #QLS