EL-Quadah Language Schools "QLS Primary"

مدرسة ابتدائية

It's your kids who count: Take time right now to share great events, and activities with our primary school academic & athletic excellence.

EL-Quadah Language Schools

EL-Quadah Language Schools

School life is the best life. As students you know that it is the Golden period of learning as well as shaping your petsonalities. Your…

EL-Quadah Language Schools

Elquadah Primary School would like to say goodbye and good luck to Primary Six pupils who are leaving us today. It is the time when…

English Activity 'Elquadah Social Problems Program' discusses the problem of water and how to save it. An activity based on one of the topics taken…

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EL-Quadah Language Schools

Elquadah Football championship Primary Division Under the supervision of : Captain:Samar younes Captain:Hend Samy Head of the P. E. Department:Captain/ Shokry Refaat

The aim of EL Quadah Language Schools Primary National Department is to offer a program that meets the rapidly changing global world. We offer better…

Dear parents of Elquadah students, Ramadan Mubarek 🌷🌷🌷 May great Allah shower your path with peace and happiness for each day ahead. May This month…