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    Apply for Admission

    Students are considered on individual basis upon admission. After evaluating the previous school reports and grades, finalizing the admission examination and an interview with the principle, admission will be finalized.

    Discover our School

    We are home to 500 students (aged 3 to 17) and 100 expert faculty and staff . We are proud of our international and multi-cultural ethos,
    and the way our community collaborates to make a difference. Our world-renowned curriculum is
    built on the best of global and US standards.



    • 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    30 Days in School

    It is a very special day for you and for all of us. It’s just a matter of time before you find out that school is about fun, pleasure and happy memories. Location: School premises Time:  ( Thursday, October 18th, 2019) during the school day Attendees: Students of all grades

    • 1:00 pm to 11:00 pm
    Halloween Party

    “It’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare.” The spookiest time of the year is quickly approaching: Halloween will be here soon. We would like to take you on a strange journey. So, Let’s have a SPOOKtacular time. Location: School Premises Time: (Friday, October 25th, 2019) 12:00pm-9:00pm Attendees: Students, parents and general audience.

    • 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm
    Parent’s Meeting-Activity Week

    Connecting home and school makes us a great community of learners. Location: School premises Time: (from October 27th to October 31st) during the school day Attendees: Students’ parents (according to meeting schedule)


    Camping rules. Listen to the birds. Jump in the lake. Read. Take a nap. Relax. Watch the sunset. Cook over the fire. Breathe the fresh air. Enjoy the company Location: School premises Time: (November 14th to 15th,2019) Attendees: Students of all grades.

    المركز اللعبة المرحلة الاسم م
    الاول جمباز Gr 1 ملك رامي 1
    الثالث سكواش Gr 3 سيف عصام 2
    الثاني كرة طائرة Gr 4 أمينة بديع 3
    الاول كونغ فو Gr 5 مريم أحمد 4
    الثاني تنس أرضي Gr 6 ياسمين هاني 5
    الثاني كرة طائرة Gr 6 عمر محمد 6
    الاول كونغ فو Gr 8 نادية أحمد 7
    الاول تنس أرضي Gr 10 ملك عمرو 8
    الثالث كرة سلة Gr 10 هانيا شريف 9
    المركز اللعبة المرحلة الاسم م
    الاول تنس ارضى Gr 12 احمد عمرو سامى 1
    الثانى تنس ارضى Gr 12 مريم يحيى الفولى 2
    الاول تنس ارضى Gr 12 يوسف يحيى الفولى 3
    الاول كره طائره Gr 12 ملك عادل 4
    الثاني كره طائره Gr 12 سلمى ناصر 5
    الثاني كره سله Gr 12 ملك احمد 6
    الاول كاراتيه Gr 12 يسرا الجابري 7
    الاول ملاكمه Gr 12 عبدالرحمن سامح 8
    الثالث جودو Gr 12 حازم امام 9
    الاول كره قدم Gr 12 ادهم وليد 10
    الاول كره قدم Gr 12 مروان عصام 11
    الاول كره قدم  Gr 12 محمد محى 12
    الاول كره قدم Gr 12 مروان صقر 13
    الاول كره قدم Gr 12 مروان احمد بحر 14
    الاول كره قدم Gr 12 يوسف الجابرى 15
    15, First Day of School for Students
    6, Armed Forces Holiday
    17, 30 Days in School
    25, Halloween Party
    27-31, Parent's Meeting-Activity Week
    9, Prophet Mohamed Day
    10-14 Quarter 1 Exams
    14-15, Camp
    28, Thanks Giving, Cooking Day
    8-12, Parent's Meeting - Activity week
    20-11 Jan, winter Break
    20 Dec.-11 Jan, Winter Break
    25, National Holiday
    2-6, Quarter 2 Exams
    14, Valentine's Day
    8-11, Parent's Meeting
    12, Science Fair
    21, Mother's Day
    5-9, Quarter 3 Exams
    17-25, Spring Break
    20, Sham El-Nasim
    1, Labor Day
    24-26, Eid El-Fitr
    14-18, Quarter 4 Exam
    18, End of School

    School Vision

    We are a forward-thinking school aiming to prepare our children and students for a rapidly changing world by equipping them with critical thinking skills, global perspective, and respect for core values of honesty, loyalty, and compassion.  Developing these skills is the mile stone of the education offered. Students will have success for today and be prepared for tomorrow.

    School Mission

    We strive to be a community of learners that develops the skills and knowledge that equip them to be productive and fulfilling members in the 21st century.

    School Accredited by


    QAS "El-Quadah American Division"

    Middle School

    This page is concerned with all the events and activities that are being held during the school year in El-Quadah Schools "American Division.


    “Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into our school � and having Oreo students cookies � .”


    Back to school


    “Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into our school � and having Oreo students cookies � .”


    Every morning has a new beginning♥️ a new blessing ❤️ a new hope. 🌹 It’s a perfect day because it’s God’s gift. 🌻 Have a…

    QAS "El-Quadah American Division"

    2 days 43 minutes ago

    🙏🙏🙏اللهم اني استودعك ابناءنا في هذا العام الدراسي واستودعك ابناء وبنات اهلي وانت رب العرش العظيم انت الذي لا تضيع ودائعه الواحد الاحد الفرد الصمد…