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  • Km 2.5 Cairo/Alexandria Desert Road El-quadah St. - Giza - Egypt
  • School History

    QLAS was founded in 2003. It is located on the Cairo Alex Road 2.5 km from El Remaya
    square away from all sorts of pollution. The campus is located on 6 acres in a wonderful spot
    surrounded by natural scenery of the hills, trees and green grass. The school offers an
    outstanding education to every student within a safe and healthy environment. The design,
    condition and utilization of our school buildings affect the quality of our educational
    programs, services and our ability to attract families and staff to our school.
    QLAS was privately owned by Dr. Doha Ali and now is owned by her daughter Mrs Eman
    Hafez the Ex chief executive officer and now is the CEO of the school. The School Board
    includes Mrs. Eman Hafez as CEO, The board has responsibility for the care, management,
    and control over the school. The School Board operates under the Mission and Vision of the

    QLAS offers quality education to approximately 442 students in pre –k through grade 12.
    Demographically the student body includes 243 male students (55%) and 199 female students
    (45%).The number of students was 289 in the year 2008-2009 witnessing an increase of 53%
    in students enrollment by 2019-2020, with close to 100% of our students joining
    governmental and private universities. In addition QLAS accepts the admission of students
    with special needs such as autism, dyslexia, and A.D.H.D .AS QLAS is always determined to
    offer these students a fair chance in education in a way that addresses their individual
    differences and needs, a new SEN department was established.
    The school employs 68 teachers, 25 administrators and 23 matrons. The faculty includes 64
    full time teachers and 4 as part time teachers. The ratio of teachers to students in the school is
    7 students per teacher. The school serves students of pre – k-3 with one teacher at each grade
    level assisted by a co teacher and additional specialists in Art, PE, Library, Music ,IT, French
    & German. Additionally, from grades 4 – 12 the school serves students with a specialized
    teacher for each course. The small class capacity at QLAS, ranging from 10 – 21 students in
    grade 1 through grade 12 guarantees a unique learning experience for its students. All classes
    within the school buildings are equipped with smart boards, data shows as the school
    constantly aims to promote 21st century Skills.
    The school facilities include: outdoor facilities such as: one basketball / two volleyball courts,
    two soccer courts and a theatre. In addition QLAS has a green field where students take
    agriculture lessons and explore the magic of nature.
    The school cafeteria has a special area for tennis table and chess where students have fun
    during break time. Indoor facilities such as: two Art rooms, two music rooms, a drama
    room, a computer lab ,language lab, a fitness room ,a gymnastic room , school library and
    three science labs.

    The KG building includes Indoor facilities such as: a multimedia room, an art room and a
    music room. Outdoor facilities such as: a court which includes handball, basketball and a
    soccer playground .A play area for children containing swings, and slides, a lake with swans
    and ducks .
    In partnership with the school community, our intent is to provide eligible students, living in
    Cairo and Giza, with a rigorous and challenging American education. Our school has
    developed a very conducive learning environment that is based on respect, responsibility and
    using technology in order to develop and enhance the learning abilities and skills of our
    young generations.
    We believe that learning extends beyond the classroom. This is why we offer a variety of
    educational field trips, learning activities both curricular and extracurricular, and practical
    experiments so that our students receive hands-on training to assist in the process of life-long
    QLAS encourages parents to participate in their children’s education in a variety of ways both
    at home and in school. They are encouraged to read with their children and monitor their
    progress. Furthermore the school requests that parents attend teacher conferences, parents
    council as well as academic, art, drama, and athletic events. They are likewise invited to
    volunteer in school projects and activities.
    We strive to provide our students with every possible opportunity to be successful in their
    career and life. We are dedicated to furthering our pride with our purpose and direction to
    prepare leaders for tomorrow.